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Training for Insurance Professionals

Prelicensing Training for Candidates

Getting licensed for any type of category may be one of the most intimidating things you will face. These exams tend to be intense and overwhelming because they contain a broad category of information. Passing a licensing exam has specific requirements, which means you need to prepare for the task and you need to do it right! Enterprise Training School, Inc. is the leader for pre-licensing training in the Mid-Atlantic region. We’ve helped to train more than 100,000 agents using both classroom and online training courses. In fact, we often have students who participate in our prelicensing training for candidates that score in the 90s for their state exams. We are licensed for all states within the US.

Training Options

When it comes to prelicensing training for candidates, we want you to have options. This is why we offer classroom, online training as well as webinars for every type of licensure exposure out there.

Classroom Training

When it comes to prelicensure training, some people just need to be able to sit in a classroom to really learn the materials. Our classroom training takes a very direct approach to crunching through the materials one piece at a time. You get the added benefit of having an instructor right there in the classroom. You will be attending with other people who are also after the same goal. You can have discussions with them and even study together for success. These classrooms are focused toward helping you pass your exam. You will have classroom materials, lectures, and learning activities but you will also have resources available for studying outside of the classroom. With online learning tools as well as practice exams, you really can’t beat the total experience to prepare you for licensing.

Online Training

Another prelicensing training for candidates is online training. Online training includes a library of resources for your study needs. It will have a guided plan for training and staying on pace. You will be provided with videos for training and learning and you will have access to an instructor for the course as well – just in a different format than the in-classroom training modules. The terms online and self-study are synonymous. The online course includes 60 days of access to the online course. Online course includes text modules (chapter text/no physical textbook is given), chapter quizzes, electronic flash cards and practice exams. With online training, you also have access to study guides as well as practice exams to help you prepare for success when you’re ready to take the exam.


With Enterprise Training School Webinars you get 2 or 3 days of live instruction (number of days in class depends on the exam you will take) with an experienced instructor, attended in the comfort of your own space, no travel needed. Webinar training will be similar to what you would experience in the classroom but you won’t need to travel or find your way to a classroom to experience it. Webinars are just as interactive as classroom courses. Textbook and Online study materials included, online study materials include chapter quizzes, electronic flash cards and practice exams. Also an electronic version of the textbook is included for those that prefer to read the materials online.

In Closing

If you’re looking for a quality resource that offers a proven track record of success, Enterprise Training School, Inc. is here for you. We cover a variety of prelicensing training as well as continuing education resources to keep your licensing active down the road. With an assortment of webinars, online, and classroom training available, you’re sure to find something that is the right fit for you. Now – are you ready to pass that exam?

If you’d like, please feel free to take a look at our class schedule to purchase or schedule your classes today!