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Training for Insurance Professionals

Insurance Prelicensing Training

Licensing of any kind can be overwhelming and intimidating. The exams for licensing can be very challenging, even for some of the most studied people. The exams for licensing for both insurance and securities can be intense. It stands to reason that if you plan to get licensed you need reliable insurance prelicensing training to help you prepare for the exams ahead of you. There is much to know, which is where a professional prelicensing training facility can help.

What to Expect

When you’re considering your options for training, there are some things to keep in mind. You want a platform that is going to offer a variety of options. Here are some different options you might find.
● Online courses
● Classroom study courses
● Webinars

Online Courses

Another prelicensing training for candidates is online training. Online training includes a library of resources for your study needs. It will have a guided plan for training and staying on pace. You will be provided with videos for training and learning and you will have access to an instructor for the course as well – just in a different format than the in-classroom training. The terms online and self-study are synonymous. The online course includes 60 days of access to the online course. Online course includes text modules (chapter text/no physical textbook is given), chapter quizzes, electronic flash cards and practice exams. With online training, you also have access to study guides as well as practice exams to help you prepare for success when you’re ready to take the exam.

Classroom Study Courses

If you prefer in-person learning, then a classroom study course is the right thing for you. These programs take place in a classroom with classmates and an instructor live and in person. It’s meant to be interactive where you learn with a group of other people and you have an instructor right in front of you to help with questions and guide you through the course. Classroom courses are typically set up for a standard amount of time. The nice thing about these is that you also typically still have an online portal where you can access resources and take practice exams to study with.


Webinars can be a great convenient way to learn or train for licensing and even to keep up continuing education requirements as well. The nice thing about webinars is you can typically attend them from your own space. A webinar is typically a pre-set or live online meeting where a specific topic is covered with the use of a presentation and a speaker. Some webinars are interactive while others follow a presentation. These are a simple way to do training on your own terms.

If you’d like, please feel free to take a look at our class schedule to purchase or schedule your classes today!