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Training for Insurance Professionals


More Information on Webinars:

We offer 2 and 4 credit Webinar Insurance Continuing Education courses.  They are live classroom courses completed via the web! They are scheduled at specific dates and times and presented by a live instructor (please note: all webinar times on our calendar are stated in EASTERN TIME).  

Webinars can be completed from anywhere (home, office, etc.) and on anything (laptop, tablet, smartphone).  There is NO EXAM!

The student will need to communicate with the instructor each hour via a chat box and a “raise hand” button to verify attendance.  Certain states (South Carolina) require a signed affidavit for credit to be applied (THE INSTRUCTOR WILL GO OVER ALL INSTRUCTIONS AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH WEBINAR).  It’s simple, it’s easy, and there is NO EXAM.  Login, Listen, and earn credits! 

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How Managers are using our Webinar Voucher Program?

Webinar vouchers can be used in a number of ways. We have found that many of managers we do business with use vouchers in the following ways:

  • buy CEs in bulk at our discounted rate for your agency/company
  • offer a webinar voucher as a thank you for attending a seminar or networking event
  • give vouchers to agents as part of an incentive program
  • vouchers make a practical and useful gift for agents during the holidays or when celebrating a work anniversary or birthday

How do I purchase Webinar Vouchers?

Choose the number of vouchers you would like to purchase below and click the appropriate link. Go through the prompts to complete your checkout. You will receive a receipt for your transaction via email from [email protected]. We will get to work on your vouchers right away and you will receive your printable voucher on the business day following your purchase.  It's that easy!

Purchase Webinar Vouchers:

Click the link below for the number of vouchers you would like to purchase.

10 CE Webinar Vouchers for $350

20 CE Webinar Vouchers for $700

30 CE Webinar Vouchers for $1,000

40 CE Webinar Vouchers for $1,200



Please feel free to contact us with any questions at [email protected] or 800-777-0490.